Sunday, 9 October 2011


Attitude or Gratitude. 

Has there ever been a time when you were preparing for worship when you said to yourself or to God; "I just don't want to do this thing today". 
I know there have been times when I have felt exactly like that. 
For example the time I had to prepare for the worship service and the only resource given me was a song book with about 30 songs in it, 28 of which I didn't even like. I had a real attitude attack and it wasn't pretty. I ranged from frustration to anger to snide remarks about the music director; I was full of stinking thinking. 

The point is that this sort of attitude was not and is not helpful when trying to put together an anointed worship service. In fact, it won't work. The Devil knows that in true worship, you are a direct threat to his kingdom. When people enter in to true worship, when they see Jesus, when the Spirit of God moves in the church service, the devil is left powerless. So he will use any tool possible to thwart great worship. 

Apologizing to God

My first response when I realise that I am falling into his trap is to apologise to God. Literally: "I'm sorry, Lord. This is just not helping you or me. Please forgive me and help me to bring the songs you want to this service. "
See, then I can change from attitude to Gratitude. I can begin to thank Him for who He is and what He is going to do in the service. I can thank Him for leading me to the correct songs, regardless of the choice before me. 

Let me say right here, dear worship leader, that I do not subscribe to the notion that only the thirty songs in the current song list that the music director ( or whoever) has given me are the only songs relevant for our congregation in this season. They may be anointed, they may be great, but so are the thousands of others that have been written to honour our king, to present to Him our thanks and praise, to bring us into the place of falling on our knees before Him in humble adoration, repentance of convicted sin, or intercession on behalf of others. 

How many songs in your repertoire

I recently met a music director and Worship leader who has 5 music teams in his church. He has a plethora of people who are involved in the music ministry in his church. He also showed me his song list. He has over 450 songs that he makes available to his worship leaders to choose from. As he said to me: "With 5 different teams, I have 5 different worship leaders, each of them having their own style and method of tapping into God. The congregation is really responsive to each of them, because they are so different, and no 2 worship services are the same. We love it that way, God really moves in different ways each Sunday" 
They say variety is the spice of life, and I agree! 

Mirror Jesus in your Worship

It is really important that when preparing for the worship service, our attitude has to reflect Jesus. 
If you are finding any of the emotions I have mentioned earlier creeping into your preparation, do what I do; put the music book down, pick up your bible, some great devotional material, and whatever else you can get your hands on, and clear and cleanse your mind with the Word. Repent, pray, seek, forgive, love. 
Then get back to your preparation, but earnestly seek God and ask Him what He would say to your congregation this Sunday. If you have a 30 song list as I did, satisfy the quota by putting a couple of songs from that list in. There are old songs that carry a great anointing; even hymns. Songs that people remember and don't have to look at an overhead screen to read. Use these familiar songs to lead people into the presence of God. 
Remember God can work with Gratitude much easier than with Attitude. 
You are an anointed Worship Leader. Follow these principles, pray up and get excited, and see God move in your worship of Him!
God bless you, have a great Sunday. 


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