Thursday, 13 October 2011

Another milestone.

Today my family passed another milestone.
Yes, it's official. Everyone in my family is a worship leader.
I have had the privilege of leading worship in churches for many years. As a young father I was privileged to see my wife become a worship leader. She was a little uncomfortable about doing it, but when she launched out she was awesome. Not because I said so, but because people responded to her leading and the Spirit of God was present in the place and that is always a good sign. Her season as a worship leader was not a long one due to the pressures of motherhood. Tambrey spent many years alongside me as a backing vocal. Her support has been invaluable.
Joining the team
As our family grew up, it was so cool to see them join with us on the stage in various capacities as singers and musicians. Now they are all adults. My eldest 2 are married and living away. But I have seen both my big girls bring congregations into the presence of God as worship leaders in their own right. My eldest daughter Zoey is now a worship leader in her church in the town where they moved to 9 months ago. I also hear that the pastor of my second daughter Bethanie recently called her up to the stage to lead the congregation in song. Bethanie was a worship leader in our church before she married and moved away. 
Alexie and Jordan are still at home with us, and Alexie has been leading worship in our church for a little while. She is serving her apprenticeship well a d is a confident worship leader. (I have written a blog about her first time as worship leader a while ago, and I will post it on this site soon.)   
The latest addition to the team
Today I was privileged to see my son Jordan lead worship for the first time in our church. He did an amazing job! I'd like to think I have had something to do with them becoming worship leaders, however this is not true in the sense that I never encouraged them in it. It has always been the church leadership that has encouraged and called my kids into this ministry. 
So there you have it. We are a family of worship leaders. Maybe it's because they have seen me get so much satisfaction and joy out of this ministry that they have felt comfortable in going into it too. Whatever the reason, I'm glad. The ministry of worship is in good hands when we see young, dedicated keen Jesus lovers enter into this ministry.  It's not because they are my kids, if you are a worship leader, you too have a responsibility to pass on the baton to other up and coming leaders. Not to create clones, mind you; but to mentor and train them into their own unique calling. 
God bless you in your calling. Yours is a unique and Holy calling, give it your best and encourage others in their call as well. 

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