Tuesday 6 March 2012

Life changers, World changers.

The Man in the mirror

Michael Jackson got it right. In the song : "man in the mirror" he sings 
I'm looking at the man in the mirror
I'm telling him to change his ways
No message   could be any clearer
If you want to make the world a better place
You gotta look at your self and make the change"
Change the world, begin with yourself. 

World Changers

Each one of us has a purpose in life; a holy calling. 
It has been dawning on me in recent weeks that God has put us in this world at this time and in this place for a special purpose. There is a reason why we exist, why here and why now. This is a very important thing to realise, because it validates who I am and who you are. Our place and time on this earth is no mere accident, no matter what anyone says. 

Throughout time there have been people whose actions have had a major influence on the course of history: Some to a large extent and others to a small extent, but history makers none the less. These people I call World changers.


In a previous blog, I spoke of the Biblical heroes of the faith who died not ever having seen the fulfilment of the promise of God. Did that make them failures? Certainly not! The fact that they obeyed God in the face of defeat, without seeing the fulfilment of their purpose made them heroes. These people were life changers whose actions changed the World. God had radically influenced their lives to bring them to a complete change of direction. Through their obedience and faith, God was able to change the course of history to set it in the right direction to achieve His ultimate purpose. 
I wonder sometimes what my purpose in life is, and how I could ever make a difference I this world; how I could change the course of history. You know, I may never know. 
Your calling and mine are no different. Who knows just what God has planned for the people that we touch. 

Worship Leader, Life Changer

I love that as a worship leader, I have a privileged opportunity to bring people into the very throne room of God. Only God knows what he will do with that person in that place.  And if that one has an audience with the most high and has a revolutionary revelation, which  changes their life and in turn the course of history, we share in that. I can't stress enough how important you are in the scheme of things.
We have an amazing opportunity to be used of God to be life changers.  
Every piece in a puzzle is needed to complete a picture. I don't know if you have ever completed a puzzle, perhaps one with a piece of blue sky in it. There are many pieces which all look the same. You might say their position in the overall puzzle is not important; they don't display any particular colours or shapes which set them apart and give an obvious clue as to their position in the picture. However, when the puzzle is done and all the pieces are in place, if a piece of that sky is missing, the puzzle would not look right, the missing piece would leave a very obvious hole, and the picture would not be complete as the designer intended it to be. Not only that, but no other piece will fit in its place.  Do you see? 

As a worship leader, your part in the church is vital; you are called to be a life changer. When you lead your congregation in anointed worship, you are bringing them into a life-changing place where miracles happen and where God meets his people face to face. 
As a Christian you are called to be a life changer. Find where you fit. There is a special place for you, and the Designer is looking for you to fill that gap and be that part of the puzzle designed uniquely for you! 

Have an amazing week. 

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